About the company

Kenmer Gradnya is a dynamically developing construction and engineering company operating in the territory of the Russian Federation and beyond for more than 30 years.

It combines a number of European and Russian business structures with professional authority, knowledge and experience. Having created a flexible and versatile infrastructure that controls and optimizes all processes, we take responsibility for the most complex projects and offer innovative solutions for their implementation.

Kenmer Gradnya is distinguished by high professionalism, quality of work, clarity in details, responsibility, transparency in relations with partners and unconditional fulfillment of all contractual obligations.


Latest news

HOUSING COMPLEX “Silver fountain” construction progress – July 2020

13 July 2020

Construction of buildings 3,4 continues. Facade and finishing works of building 1,2.

Residential complex “KutuzovGRAD”

19 February 2020

Start of construction of the residential complex "Kutuzov GRAD"

HOUSING COMPLEX “LESOPARKOVY” completion of construction

4 February 2020

Construction and installation works of the residential complex in 2019 have been fully completed under the obligations of the "Kenmer Gradnya" company"