HOUISING COMPLEX “Silver fountain”

15 May 2018

There is a successful construction of the first stage of the residential complex.

Business class residential complex “Silver fountain” is a unique project in its own way. It is built in the historic district of the capital with a distinct and very characteristic architectural style, traditions, long-established comfortable structure for living. The uniqueness of the project is in its thoughtful, made with respect to the historical heritage of integration into the surrounding space.

The basis of the architectural composition of the LCD “Silver fountain” is a bright architectural monument of the XIX century — the famous buildings of the Alekseevskaya water-lifting station authorship of the recognized master of industrial architecture Maxim Karlovich Geppener. Red brick architectural ensemble, decorated with elegant snow-white decor, and an old fountain in the green Park of the century lime alley — will become a real gem of the whole complex.