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Happiness on Lomonosovsky

October 2018 for the development company “Leader Invest” was marked by the launch of a new project, which it presented its brand of luxury homes – “Happiness”. Among them will be a 13-storey beauty, located in the prestigious metropolitan area of Ramenki, Moscow.

“Happiness on Lomonosovsky” is a premium club house with underground parking and landscaped territory in the
prestigious Ramenki district in the south-west of Moscow. The house is located in a quiet green area surrounded by leading universities in Russia,
parks and attractions: Vorobyovy Gory with views of the Moskva River, the Botanical Garden and the main building
of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the large-scale Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora with a memorial complex.

Large glass area gives the building inimitable elegance; the architectural concept fits perfectly into modern city building and the surrounding buildings of Stalin’s Empire, and low floors allows not to break existing in the area atmosphere.

The creators of this unique architectural project are specialists from the Ostozhenka workshop, which was founded more than 30 years ago and today has more than 60 successful residential and commercial real estate projects to its credit. The office has such prestigious awards as the “Golden Section 2015”, “MACHU PICCHU 2004” and the Diploma of the “International Association of Unions of Architects”. The most famous creations of the architectural bureau are the Radisson Blu hotel complex and the Lublino Shopping center.

Address:Moscow, 36 Lomonosovsky Ave.
Total area:8 922 м2
Monolithic works:40 689 м3
2019-2021year of construction